Current Projects

Rifles that we have completed in 2020

F-Open Rifles

F-Open is a competition shot at various ranges from the prone position with a rear bag and front rest.  Weight limit is 10kg or 22.04 lbs. This weight is for rifle only.

F-TR Rifles

F-TR is a competition shot at various ranges from the prone position with a rear bag and a bi-pod for your front rest. The weight limit is 8.25 kg or 18 lbs. This weight INCLUDES the bi-pod

Varmint Rifles

Varmint hunting is a wonderful passtime for individiuals and families. We build hyper accurate rifles in many varmint calibers that will be a pleasure to shoot for years to come.

James Crofts – 2020 – F-TR

Borden Action

Borden BRM Right Bolt, Right Port action. This is a perfect action layout for a F-TR rifle. Coming in at under 33 oz., the BRM fills the weight requirement that F-TR demands nicely.

Cerus Stock

Cerus Stock info here

Brux Barrel

Brux 30 caliber barrel with a 10 twist, .200 freebore, and HV contour

Jewell Trigger

Jewell BR with 2 oz trigger pull

Justin Lingerfelt – 2020 – F-Open


6 Dasher with a .274 no turn neck for both Lapua or Alpha brass

Action: Borden BRLMF

Borden BRLMF action with Right bolt, left port configuration and .308 bolt face.


PRT laminated stock with red and brown coloring

Brux 6mm - 7.83 Twist

Brux barrel in a 7.83 twist, 30″ finished length, and straight cylinder contour.

Hugh Cropper


6.5x55mm Swede with a .292 neck


BAT Machine MB action – Right bolt, Right Port


Two Krieger barrels chambered for the 6.5×55 Swede finished at 30″


Cerus F-Open rifle stock in walnut

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