About Us

KW Precision owner, Keith Weil has been building rifles for over 10 years. Keith utilizes the knowledge and skills learned from being a competitive shooter and applies them to the rifle building business. KW is able to keep a constant pulse on the competitive shooting scene and is up to date on the most current trends, calibers, and equipment. Keith is an anomaly in the gunsmith industry, because he shoots competitively at the world level and builds rifles for world class shooters.

Keith is a member of the Longshots National Championship team and two time member of the U.S. F-Class Worlds Team, on which he will shoot in the F-Class World Championships in 2023. Keith’s attention to detail has made him one of only a handful of builders in the US that has mastered the art of building and finishing high quality rifles.

Current Projects:
Hunting Rifles
Highpower rifles

Satisfaction Guarantee

We 100% guarantee our work to be free from defects due to the manufacturing process.

A One-Stop Shop

KW Precsision stocks products from many of the major manufacturers in the shooting industry.

Free Consultation

While our time is limited, we do try to to answer the phone and discuss builds with potential clients.

We are Available M-F 9a-5p

We always look forward to discussing new and exciting builds.  Please feel free to reach out to discuss your next rifle.

Call Us M-F 9a-5p: 610-721-9186