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Gunsmithing Services

Quality is never compromised at KW Precision. Using only the finest tools and methods, you can rest assured knowing that your rifle was assembled with careful attention.


Each barrel is dialed in as close to zero as possible, since the chamber is one of the most important parts of an accurate rifle. Using precision reamers from JGS, KW Precision typically chambers to -0 headspace standard. 

Muzzle Brakes and Tuners

KW Precision stocks and installs Bramley Tuners as a default option. We also work with EC Tuners and Ezell Tuners as well.  For muzzle brakes, they are typically provided by the customer due to the shear number of good options in the market.

Metalworking Finishes

From Cerakote to high mirror finishes, KW Precision can provide the custom look any shooter would desire for their new rifle.


KW Precision only uses top-tier components. For actions, we recommends Borden, BAT, Kelbly, and Defiance. As for barrels, we stock Brux Barrels but also use Bartlein and Krieger. Triggers of choice are Bix N Andy and Jewell

Stock Services

Few things show the pride of a rifle craftsman as stockwork.  Keith bares all his skills in every rifle he has the opportunity to build. The photo above is a Cerus stock with curly figure.

Inlet & Bed

Every rifle is 100% stress free bedded using Devcon bedding compound. Custom pillars are made in-house. As for brands, Keith recommends Cerus Rifleworks Stocks and McMillian Stocks for his rifle builds.

RAD Installation

RAD installation is available for any compatitble custom rifle. KW Precision stocks RAD Systems at all times.

Clearcoat Finishes

Clear coat finishes can be applied to wood or composite stocks. All stocks are sealed before clearing to ensure a perfect, flat surface.

Anschutz Rails

For F-TR shooters or hunters, Anschutz rails are in-stock and able to be installed on any compatible stock.

Custom Rifles

Custom rifles created for discerning shooters of every discipline. From the firing line of 100 yard group shooting to the mountains of Alaska, KW Precision has an offering for you.


F-Open rifles are built from the ground up using only components we trust and are proven on the range.


All the same build quality as the F-Open rifles but careful consideration is given to the weight limit of 18 lbs. For new shooters, this weight INCLUDES your bi-pod.  Please provide that weight at time of order.


Tactical shooting (PRS) has become one of the most rapidlly growing shooting disciplines in the country. KW Precison builds PRS rifles to exacting tolerances that match BR and F-Class rigs.


The next time you are scanning for your dream animal, have the confidence in your gear. KW Preicsion hunting rifles will help any hunter achive the animal of a lifetime.

KWP Gear


“If meticulous precision work is what you envision for your gun build then you have found the right place at KW Precision. Stock work is second to none, chamber/tuner jobs are on point with exceptional turn around times. Keith is a gunsmith for the shooters, very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. I can not recommend KW Precision highly enough!!”

Norm Harold

“When it comes to my competition rifles I demand the best. That is why I rely on KW precision for all of my gunsmithing needs. Keith produces the most beautiful and accurate rifles in the world. When I receive my new rifles or barrels from KW Precision they are perfect and exactly what I asked for down to the most exact detail. KW Precision is the best in the business!”

Keith Trapp

Precision: The quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate. Keith Weil makes this definition the heart and soul of his business. I’ve used several competition level gunsmiths over the years, but none have ever met the craftmanship of Keith’s work. For years, I’ve looked for someone that could provide repeatability with exact tolerances. Keith provides this with exceptional quality. I can’t imagine having someone else provide me with my winning level equipment. Performance is just one piece of quality he provides. Attention to detail is another.  Anyone that takes the time to truly inspect the stocks KW Precision finishes can truly see they are not just finished stocks; they are works of art. If you are looking for the very best in the business, KW Precision is the place!

Tracy Hogg
AKA: Mr. V2

“Keith Weil, owner of KWPrecision, has quickly distinguished himself as one of the best rifle builders in the business. My expectations and competitive desires are to compete for the win each time I’m on the line with world class competition

His ability to take my build requirements and make them a reality while also turning them into a working piece of ART, gives me tremendous confidence.  The value of the tools he provides me is priceless. If you want the ultimate rifle for competitive accuracy that will also turn heads up and down the line, I HIGHLY recommend Keith.”

James Crofts